Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Best Road Bike Riding Tips

So maybe you’re not Lance Armstrong but you have a strong desire to learn how to cycle properly. People who choose road biking do so because they want more out of their cycling than just a nice way to see the sights. Cycling is hard work and it can burn a lot of calories if that is your goal. Maybe you have seen them in action these pro cyclists when going for a walk. They fly by you at high speeds, in large groups and there are all in sync together. Now that takes a certain amount of skill, good reflexes and a good set of lungs. If you are serious about best road biking review you need to learn how to shift gears, build endurance and have fun! So below is the best road bike riding tips:

Don’t Start of Biking Hard

You may be eager to get started so that you can be part of the group but overdoing it when you’re not ready could hurt you.

Bike Often

Practice makes perfect right? The more you bike, even casually, the better you will become.

Increase Your Endurance

In order to be a cyclist you need good cardio. So you need to constantly get your heart rate up while biking. So ride with low intensity for a minute and then high intensity for a minute and do that for ten minutes and your heart will be pumping.

Take Care of Your Muscles

Your muscles are going to start burning during your road bike trips so care for them properly. When you bike uphill the lactic acid in your muscles start to build up, this is how you get sore afterwards. The key to taking care of your muscles is when you go downhill. The natural reaction is to coast down without pedaling, that’s a mistake. A great way to get rid of the buildup of lactic acid is to pedal lightly as you go back down the hill.

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